Among the most important steps toward leading a church toward growth is investing within the youth of the church. These young people will soon become the leaders of the church, so it is absolutely essential to equip them with the proper knowledge and skills to disciple a new generation of believers. Knowing the right way in which to accomplish this is quite difficult for many youth leaders, so there is a tendency to simply water down the messages that are presented to the youth. When the right resources are found, however, this is not necessary. The internet is full of youth sermon ideas, so it is important that every youth leader take the time to explore these sermons. The largest compilation of sermons on the internet is found at www.sermoncentral.com, and it features an incredible selection of youth sermons. Sermons on this website are submitted by users, so there is no guarantee that they will be of the right sort for a given church’s youth group. This is somewhat counteracted through a rating system that can be used to sort the sermons according to their reception by other visitors to the website. Some of the sermons are full length manuscripts, but others are simplified so that they can speak in a more direct manner to youth. The most popular youth sermon on the website is titled “Top 10 Things You Did Not Learn in High School or College,” and it uses this list alongside Psalm 23 to promote greater faith in the stability of the Great Shepherd. In addition to the sermons that are specifically designed for youth, there are many other adult sermons that can easily be adapted for use within a youth group. Creating a solid foundation on the scriptures is by far the most important aspect of teaching youth, but these sermons can also help by providing a starting point for those who lack confidence in their current speaking abilities. More reference links: www.sermoncentral.com