Blessy Noble

Allow no one to look down on you because you are young, but lead by example in speech, conduct, passion, faith, and purity for the believers. Do not disregard your gift, which was given to you by prophecy when the elders laid their hands on you. Keep a close eye on your life and doctrine. Persist in them, because if you do, you will save yourself as well as your listeners. (1 Timothy 4: 12, 14, 16)

This is a passage in which Paul entrusts Timothy with the care of the Ephesus church. Taking care of a church at such a young age is a great task, but Timothy had been anointed and called by God. Paul reminds Timothy of his identity in Christ and the responsibility he bears in carrying out God’s mission. This verse stresses that in God’s eyes, age is not an excuse.

We are called to be examples of Believers, just like Timothy. Setting an example entails setting a standard that others will emulate. Paul advises us not to scorn our youth, but to set an example for others in our dialogue, giving, faith in Christ, and living a pure life. This demonstrates that we are largely responsible for other people’s perceptions of us. We should gain people’s respect by living godly lives, and by doing so, we will be able to lead others to Christ.
Most young people nowadays get their views from television, film, or their peers. Young people are idealistic, and they seek ideals to which they can align their moral compass. We succumb to worldly ideologies and stray from God’s calling on our lives, believing that we are too young, or that it is the responsibility of a pastor, an elder, or our parents. May this passage serve as an inspiration to all of us so that we can be excellent role models for the next generation, and may God help the youth of this church to take up the mantel that has been entrusted to them.

While we continue to walk in His footsteps, I am convinced that God has anointed young men and women in this church to carry out his plan in Seattle.