Jessica Pal

Character is determined by one’s choices. Every day, we are confronted with a variety of options. Destiny is determined by one’s choices. A single small decision can alter the course of one’s life. Every decision we make on a daily basis has enormous long-term consequences. As young people return to the world, whether as graduates or as students returning to high school next year, as men and women return to their jobs, we return to a society that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Even though the words “In God We Trust” are on our coins in America, we live in a country that seems to be growing more and more opposed to God and the principles on which our country was founded, the principles of God’s holy word. As a result, we’ll be forced to make some tough decisions.

When we read the Book of Daniel, we are inspired by the story of three Jewish young men who were threatened with being thrown alive into a massive fiery furnace and certain death unless they bowed down to Babylonian gods. Of course, my thoughts instantly went to the story’s astonishing conclusion, in which the three were joined in the furnace by an angelic being (many scholars think this was Jesus) and miraculously saved without a single hair on their heads being singed (their shoes and coats were also unaffected)!

If we’re being honest, it won’t take a hungry lion or a fiery furnace to shake our faith to its core. Please don’t give up on God, no matter what your circumstances are or how frustrated you are. Let us learn from these godly teens of the past that compromising our faith in God should never be an option, even when faced with “minor” challenges.

May we all ponder this declaration and remain faithful, even when our hearts are broken and doubts smack us in the face! Continue to “keep on” for Christ. May we all one day be able to say, “Even if He doesn’t, I will obey, trust, worship, serve, and love God… anyway!” as these young men did.